A Petition to Vacate Platted Land must be prepared by the petitioner.

The Noble County Plan Commission Office will accept application(s) for Vacation of Platted Land. Vacations of a Public way (for example, platted roads, and alleys) must be petitioned before the Commissioners, not the Planning Commission. All applications for vacation of a public way should be filed at the Noble County Auditors Office; located in the Noble County Court House.

The Petition must contain:

  1. State the circumstances of the case.
  2. Specifically describe the property proposed to vacate and
  3. Give the names and addresses of all owners of land that abuts the property proposed to vacate.

Plan Commission Requirements:

  1. Application must be accompanied by a survey by an Indiana registered land surveyor, describing the proposed land to Vacate.
  2. The petition shall be filed at least 30 days prior to the next available PC Meeting.
  3. Submitted application subject to review by the PC Office for up to 3 business days.

The filing fee for vacation can be found on the fee schedule page and check or cash will be due at the time of application. Legal advertisement and surrounding landowners will be notified by the Noble County PC Office. Affected landowners may file written comments or attend the public hearing. 

The Noble County Plan Commission will have the final decision on the Vacation of Platted Land. The petitioner shall pay all expenses required by the county to record an order granting a petition to vacate. Other charges may also apply, please check with the Noble County Auditor's office and Recorders Office for additional filing fees.


Letter of Authorization Form

If a Landowner is unable to file a petition or attend a meeting regarding their legal property, the Letter of Authorization for an authorized agent (e.g. the petitioner's attorney, surveyor, a relative, or trusted associate) may be signed, notarized and returned to the Plan Commission Office at the time of application. 

Download and print the form here...