The Plan Commission is primarily responsible for the land in the unincorporated parts of Noble County. It does this through its Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Subdivision Control Ordinance.

The Plan Commission Office serves the Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals by handling administrative matters and day-to-day execution of the county's vision and regulations.

Our office is located one mile south of the Courthouse on State Road 9 in the Noble County South Complex in Suite A. 

Our office hours are 8am - 4pm Monday through Friday


2090N SR 9 Suite A
Albion, IN 46701

Most visitors seek help with variances, special exceptions, and subdivisions. However, there are a number of other items we can help with. If you have a question, call. We'll help in any way we can. 




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2090N SR9 Suite A
Albion, IN 46701

Plan Director - Kenneth J. Hughes

Kenneth joined the Noble County Plan Commission in 2016. His job is to enforce the UDO (Unified Development Ordinance), prepare reports for meetings, carry out directives of the Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals, and manage day to day operations. 

Administrative Assistant - Teresa Tackett


Teresa started as the Plan Commission Secretary in 2013. She assists visitors to the office and processes applications. 

Plan Commission Board

The primary duty of the plan commission is to develop and recommend to the legislative body a plan for the future of the community.

Under Indiana law they are also responsible for:

  • Preparing a comprehensive plan.

  • Preparing a zoning ordinance and a subdivision control ordinance

  • Making recommendations to the legislative body on proposals to amend the text of the zoning ordinance or subdivision control

  • ordinance.

  • Making recommendations to the legislative body on proposals to amend the zoning map (rezonings).

  • Approving or denying proposals to subdivide land, based upon compliance with the subdivision control ordinance.

  • Approving development plans.

  • Assigning street addresses.

Board Members

  • George Bennett - President (Council Representative)

  • Don Leighty - Vice President (Commissioner Appointment)

  • Anita Hess - Commissioner Member

  • Pattie Gatman - Commissioner Appointment

  • Stefen Wynn - Commissioner Appointment

  • Tom Griffiths - Commissioner Appointment

  • Randy Sexton - Required as County Surveyor

  • Glen Lemon - Commissioner Appointment

  • Ann Kline - Ag. Agent

  • Earle Franklin - Advisory Member (Ligonier)

Plan Commission Rules

According to Indiana Code 'IC 36-7-4-401' the Plan Commission is required to adopt rules by which it will govern it's activities. The rules were last amended and adopted on March 20, 2013. These rules are available for download here.

Board of Zoning Appeals

The BZA's duties fall into three categories. The granting of variances (Developmental variances, and Use variances), granting of special exceptions, and handling of Administrative Appeals.


"... Most of the BZA’s efforts are devoted to hearing variance requests, but the BZA is under no obligation to grant those variance requests. The board is under an obligation to hear the request and then make a decision based on their findings.
Variances can sometimes significantly change the character of an area, and should be carefully considered..."
"See IC 36-7-4-918.4 for Use Variances and IC 36-7-4-918.5 for Variances from Development Standards. Both sections state that the BZA shall approve or deny variances and may impose reasonable conditions as a part of its approval."
"...variances of developmental standards and use variances may be approved only upon a determination in writing (findings of fact) that the petition meets all of the required legal criteria. 

Special Exceptions

"After variances, the second most common BZA activity is to hear special exception requests. Special exceptions may also be referred to as special uses, contingent uses and conditional uses. IC 36-7-4-918.2 states that a board of zoning appeals shall approve or deny special exceptions, “from the terms of the zoning ordinance, but only in the classes of cases or in the particular situations specified in the zoning ordinance. The board may impose reasonable conditions as a part of its approval.” Note that the BZA may also require written commitments." - INDIANA CITIZEN PLANNER’S GUIDE, The Indiana Planning Association,

Appeals From Administrative Decisions

According to IC 36-7-4-918.1, the BZA shall review appeals from any order, requirement, decision or determination made by
• an administrative official, hearing officer, or staff member under the zoning ordinance;
• an administrative board or other body (except a plan commission) in relation to the enforcement of the zoning ordinance; or
• an administrative board or other body (except a plan commission) in relation to the enforcement of an ordinance adopted under this chapter requiring the procurement of an improvement location or occupancy permit.

Board Members

  • Carol Edwards - Chair (Citizen Member)

  • Linda Gray - Vice-Chair (Citizen Member)

  • Tom Griffiths - member (Appointed by Plan Commission)

  • Pattie Gatman - member (Citizen Member)

  • Sam Buckles - member (Citizen Member)

Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals
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