Applications for Rezoning shall be filed at the Noble County Plan Commission Office 30 days prior to the next available Plan Commission Meeting. The title holder of the property or a duly authorized agent of the title holder may file an application ( refer to the fee schedule for rezoning fees). 

Petition must be accompanied by a legal description of the tract of land proposed for rezoning (i.e. survey).  As the Petitioner you will be responsible to provide the following information:

  1. The proposed Rezoning is consistent with the Noble County Comprehensive Plan.
  2. Current conditions and the character of current structures and uses in the proposed district are;
  3. The most desirable use for the land in the adapted district:
  4. The proposed zoning will conserve property values throughout the jurisdiction: and
  5. The proposed rezoning will create responsible development and growth 


The Noble County Plan Commission Board will hear the petition at a public meeting and make a recommendation to the the Noble County Commissioners; who will have the final approval/denial of the petition. 


Letter of Authorization Form

If a Landowner is unable to file a petition or attend a meeting regarding their legal property, the Letter of Authorization for an authorized agent (e.g. the petitioner's attorney, surveyor, a relative, or trusted associate) may be signed, notarized and returned to the Plan Commission Office at the time of application. 

Download and print the form here...