Effective August 26, 2019 unincorporated areas in Noble County (i.e. areas that are not under the jurisdiction of an incorporated town) are subject to General Ordinance No. 2019-__, An Ordinance Regulating The Accumulation of Junk, Trash, Debris, Inoperable Vehicles, Inoperable Watercraft, and Inoperable Campers. This ordinance is designed to maintain clean and healthy living environments for residents of Noble County.


Where Does the Junk, Trash, and Debris Ordinance Apply?

General Ordinance No. 2015-02 provides a legal avenue for citizens to address issues with trash, junk, debris, and inoperable vehicles on many properties in Noble County. It doesn't, however, apply to properties within the city limits of incorporated cities (Kendallville, Avilla, Ligonier, Albion, Rome City and Cromwell).

Ordinance does not cover:

  • garbage/putrefying matter/septic (these issues are handled by the County Health Department)

  • tall grass and weeds (these issues are handled by your Township Trustee)

  • unsafe structures (these issues are handled by the County Building Department)

  • good/usable building materials

  • good/usable toys and bicycles

  • stacked firewood

  • farm equipment

  • compost piles

Ordinance Download

Download a printable copy of the trash, junk, and debris ordinance.


File a Complaint

You may file a formal complaint for violations they find in appropriate areas of Noble County. The Noble County Plan Director will review applications and may perform site inspections, as needed, and report their findings to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Please note: Complaint forms are public record and may be reviewed by the person you are filing against. 

Printable Form

You may also print and submit a complaint by mail by printing and filling out this form.

Application Prerequisites (all must apply):
All must apply for complaint to be registered. Before submitting a complaint, please ensure Ordinance 2015-02 applies to the property in question by answering the following questions.
If the property lies within the city of Kendallville, Ligonier, Avilla, Rome City, Cromwell, or Albion this application will not apply.
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