Noble County Plan Commission - Regular Session

DATE:   February 17, 2016·  TIME:   7:00 p.m.

LOCATION: Dekko Meeting Room, Noble County Office Complex – South, Albion, Indiana


A.   Call to Order:

B.   Roll Call:

C.   Determination of Quorum:                                                                                                        

D. Consideration of minutes: 

E.   Unfinished Business:

Consideration of minutes from the January 25, 2016 Regular Meeting.

Findings of Fact:

Rezoning #440 Hill               Rezoning #441 Schmucker

Rezoning #443 Wysong      Rezoning #445 Zeigler

Rezoning #446 Freeman

Rezoning #444 Miller, Wayne D & Rita - Request a Rezoning from the Noble County Unified Development Ordinance (Article 2.31) to rezone 5.902 +/- acres from A1 to C2 to allow permitted uses in C2 zoning. Real estate is located in Section 33 of Noble Township, quadrant 200, parcel 139, common location known as 5969 S SR 109, Columbia City, IN.

 F. New Business:

Plan Commission Appointment to the Plat Committee

G.   Reports of Members, Staff, Officers, and Committees:


  Administrative Subdivision Report

H.   Future Agenda Items:

I.    Adjournment:

Posted on February 4, 2016 .