DATE:   August 19, 2015  •      TIME:   7:00 p.m.

PLACE: Dekko Meeting Room Noble County Office Complex – South Albion, Indiana


A.  Call to Order:

B.  Roll Call:

C.  Determination of Quorum:                                                                                                                

D. Consideration of minutes: 

      Consideration of the minutes from Executive Session and Regular Session on July 17, 2015.

E. Unfinished Business:

      Findings of Fact


Rezone #432 Troyer

Subdivision #343 Clark

Vacation #239 Darland

Subdivision #324 Darland

Subdivision #323 Haslup

Subdivision #339 Troyer

Vacation #240 Brumbaugh

Subdivision #345 Cunningham

Subdivision #350 Moser

Rezone #436 Miller

Subdivision #351 Reeve

F. New Business:

Subdivision # 357 William D & Karla A Elliott – In accordance with the Noble County Unified Development Ordinance (Article 6.01) request a one-lot subdivision of 9.16+/- acres for a single family dwelling to be known as Elliott 8. Real estate is located in Section 25 of Perry Township, Quadrant 400, parcel 11, common location known as Vacant ground north of 7458 N 700 W Ligonier, IN

   Discussion on Possible Zoning Map Error for Alan Perlich Property


G.   Reports of Members, Staff, Officers, and Committees


       Administrative Subdivision Report

       UDO Committee Report

       Plat Committee Report

H.   Future Agenda Items

I.    Adjournment

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