DATE:   November 18, 2014

                                                            TIME:   7:00 p.m.                          

PLACE: Conference Room, 1st Floor Noble County Office Complex – South Albion, Indiana



A.   Call to Order:

B.   Roll Call:

C.   Determination of Quorum:

D.  Unfinished Business:

Findings of Fact

Rezone #424 Metzger & Metzger

Rezone #425 Metzger

Subdivision #285 Clifton

Rezone #426 Sanders

Vacation #230 Hartman

Subdivision #286 Hartman

Subdivision#288 Parker

Subdivision #291 Fulkerson

Subdivision #294 Lutter

Subdivision #231Myers

Rezone #427 Sickafoose

Rezone #428 Belle Oaks

Subdivision #297 Belle Oaks

Subdivision #298 Driscoll

E.   New Business:

Simple Subdivision 300 – Stephen John & Christine Rose Bacon - Request a two-lot subdivision in accordance with the Noble County Unified Development Ordinance (Article 6.01) to be known as Bacon Subdivision, Lot 1 as 2.256+/- acres & Lot 2 as 6.405+/- acres. Real Estate is located in Section 21 of Swan Township, Quadrant 100, Parcel 007, common location known as 3388 S 875 E, Avilla IN.

F.   Reports of Members, Staff, Officers, and Committees

G.   Future Agenda Items

H.  Adjournment

Posted on November 12, 2014 .