Proposed Animal Welfare Ordinance-Draft One

Proposed Dog Kennel Ordinance-Draft One

Proposed Dog Tax Ordinance-Draft One (Proposal eliminated)

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The Commissioners have not scheduled a public hearing for the consideration of these ordinances as of this time.

At this time, we are just collecting feedback on the proposal. 

Affecting the Unincorporated Portions of Noble County


The main purpose of this law is to provide basic measures for the protection of animals in order to ensure their general welfare.


-          Animals may not be neglected

-          May not run at large/not be under restraint

-          Except when engaged in hunting

-          May be declared dangerous for being a threat to a human or a domestic animal

-          Law enforcement may impound animals at large or that have been neglected


-          Shelter required

-          Owners may not keep more than eight (8) dogs without a home kennel license

-          Cannot be tethered on a chain less than ten (10) feet in length or more than twelve (12) hours


-          Shelter required

-          Creation of Community Cat program for the trap, neuter, and release of feral cats by an animal shelter


-          Shelter required


-          Mostly exempted under Right to Farm Law

-          Loose livestock may result in fine to owner if enclosure is negligently maintained

Exotic Animals

-          License required

-          Prohibits keeping of non-human primates, wild cat or dog hybrid unless having a license from USDA or INBOAH

-          Provides requirement for information sharing with dispatch in case of an emergency


-          $100.00 for exotic animals

-          $0.00 for community cat program